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They are again 2, (September 2020 - Lebanon cedar trunk, Ø 17 x h 112. cm.)

I imagine two ribbons waving like seaweed waving in the current. Their curves hug each other deeply and in the end they will be without much thickness: an entwined couple whose lightest (the female element…) should project themselves towards the sky, supported by the other.

I am not sure I will achieve the expected movement, this upward thrust that seems reckless to me, almost unattainable. I studied it in plastiline and then in clay but the model broke. I modified it in progress, I still have a lot of doubts ...

For the moment I delight in establishing their balanced movement, these swelling which successively widen, this alternation which suggests to me depending on the moment the coming and going of the wave on the sand, the current of the tide between the rocks, or the embracing of two beings… I started by defining at the top end as two heads joined together, then I ended up hollowing them out, giving the impression of two waves hitting each other in a sudden surf. I am amazed that I left unsettled their plans of soaring into the sky, one supported by the other, in the dark, as if their dream came true with just a "maybe".

I come to think that the main thing is the richness of their relationship and that thanks to it, a solution will be found to weld their upward momentum ... and if even if that does not turn out, will the sculpture be thrown away? The value of a gesture does not always depend on its success. Value and beauty are not linked ... But who will be able to guess, find this dream again and be moved by it, if it fails?

Anyway, I stop working for several months, the time needed to dry and stabilize the wood

At the end of October 2020, I broke my humerus ... two good months of forced break

267- (continued) May 2021

You would think you were seeing a couple, entwined for a kiss, and yet, look for a hand, a leg, breasts… nothing!

There is only an undulating movement, which approaches and withdraws, inflates and then widens, touches and detaches itself ...

These are the attitudes proper to love when it offers itself while begging ...

Initially, I would have liked these two to manage to support each other in a projection towards the sky thanks to an embedding (which I foresaw miraculous!) Of their two heads. I tried for over a week to get to this blockage, to no avail, and I was discouraged. This couple must mourn their project:

their relationship has lost some of its prowess ... but not of its intensity, I hope. Has the sculpture lost any?

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