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The digital prints

These prints are made by a process that guarantees for these art prints, an exceptional quality and conservation, both as regards the support (canvas or parchment) that inks used (method 9 Epson colors).
Each copy is unique ( maximun 8 prints, with details, measures or different carriers).
They are referenced, signed by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
Each print is certified by dry stamp Epson, personalized "V.M.".

These digital compositions, the final step after the wood-carving, are the result of a need which I will briefly try to explain:

The wooden sculpture, as a result of an evolutionary process, shows only the final stage of its history; the spectator misses the memory of the compact initial state to perceive the tension of the group towards the expansion.

So I rebuilt, through photography (with various manipulations and drawings) this course of social life and especially the relational evolution between the elements which for me is essential.

These photographic compositions illustrate the various step of the adventure from the forming of the group until the end of its evolution.

relationship between two

there is a relationship between two which begins with a narrow confrontation. It then growth in cohesion towards a point of meeting or sometimes melting.

192-Un même rythme pour une rencont
196– où tu commences… où je finis…
216- Moments d'une relation
212--gestes d'amour
243- la puissance et la grace
221-Marée basse, marée haute

To lift up...

a dream...

similarly, to extend

Growth here is vertical and to achieve this, the elements or support one another, extending each other

83 - décrocher la lune
229 - Un cycle de vie
94-Un rythme pour l'envol
225- A l'assaut du ciel
207- Invocazione
207- Invocazione
180 - Ondes de cohésion

One element is the heart of the system

Generate, procreate ... this is the mechanism that allows the natural course of life.
Within the couple is born an item, accurately reflect the space created between them. It enables balance and development of the relationship which remains focused on him.

223- leur trésor

223- leur trésor

Pingment inkjet on poli-parchment, 75 x 75 cm.

206- Amour, toujours

206- Amour, toujours

Pingment inkjet on canvas, Triptique, 3 di 80 x 60 cm.

170 - Le coeur du mouvement

170 - Le coeur du mouvement

Pingment inkjet on canvas 98 x 65 cm.

171- Accord intime

171- Accord intime



Pingment inkjet on canvas, 100 x 75 cm.

Le desire to create interior space

Here the elements expand and gather around an interior space.

194 - Preserver l'intimité
68-  Espace
190 - Espace intérieur
200 stampa
222-La porte des rèves

the elements spread out,

beaming out into space

this is a kind of spread in all directions.

240 - Passages et transmissions
176 - Afin que le courant passe
156- Liaisons et connexions
227 - Courants et transmissions
176- Afin que le courant passe
246- La montée de la vague

a same rhythm

as a link

A rhythm shaken together all elements. On the same wavelength guarantees them the agreement and allow its variations.

241- Générations successives
220- Ondes progressives
224- Parmi les accords possibles
218- La poussée de l'onde (sable)
224- Variations
218- La poussée de l'onde, fond-mer
218- La spinta dell'onda (grève)
218- Parte e partecipi, insieme
187- Epanouissement
189- Petite musique à quatre
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