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The bronzes

Several photos show various states or successive attitudes of them

Most of the bronzes were merged from terracotta studies that I made when I was preparing my wood carvings.

These studies are small and easy to handle and work with. They needed to be like this if I wanted to find out how the elements were that were to allow the transformation of the bonds among them to evolve.

81- Duo
225- A l'assaut du ciel
220- Ondes progressives
213 - Transmission d'énergie
212 - Gestes d'amour
202 - Un échange sans fin
200- Rencontre et plénitude
199- La dance
190- Espace intime
173- Ondes d'entente
182- ininterrompu, le courant passe
189- Petite musique à quatre
196- Où je finis.. où tu commence...
159- Leur trésor
167- Gestes d'amour
172- naissance d'une relation
179- Pages après pages
181- Union des contrastes

Signed unique pieces, mergers made in 8 numbered from 1/8 to 8/8
copy and 4 trials numbered I / IV IV / IV

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