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Born in Paris, V.M. followed classic studies and then specialized in interior design at the Camondo School. She rapidly became interested in sculpture and followed evening course in modeling in  Montmartre. She practiced life drawing at the Académie des Beaux-Arts.

In 1967 she won the contest "contemporary ceilings  in low-relief" with her work exhibited at the "Grand Palais" (the Artists Decorators show) in Paris.

She settled in Italy in 1967 and opened her first real sculpture studio at that time.

since 1977 while having already a preference for wood, she produces works in stone, marble, granite and bronze. Then, evolving to mobile and articulated structures, wood, appearing without equal, becomes her election material, with  bronze used for mergers preliminary studies of wood sculptures.

Their evolutionary process, from compact primitive stage to the desired growth, through an evolution of the relationship between the parties is shown recently in photo-digital montages recreating the "lived “of these timber groups. They are jet printed with pigment ink on canvas or art papers



via Aurelia  16

17028 - Bergeggi  (SV)  Italia


I tuoi dati sono stati inviati con successo!

A video for a first approach


    I live in a small city on the shore of the Mediterranean, with in front of me  a panoramic view of the sea and the sky.

My work follows my own personal pathway that winds far away from any prevailing movements. 

    In our environment more and more artificial, surrounded by plastic, steel and glass, my sculptures speak of nature and life. Logs of wood divided into elements which then match to realize dreams amazingly similar to ours. They link together to enrich their relationships, increase the living space and reach for new wider harmonies ...

a trunk...    a story


    The formal aspect of these sculptures counts less that what is going on among themselves – what goes on immediately when they take shape and then afterwards when they set up a new harmony at the end of their evolutionary process, a process that has modified their attitudes towards each other. What is important is the journey. We can take all this as if it were a fable that begins like this one:

    Once upon a time there was a trunk, a cylinder of wood too simple and too regular to give a hint of what is it. Yet, it's keeping something inside its fibers. These are the signs of a life in nature. These are the witnesses of the passing of season after season, these veins that circled around each other.. Its plant cycle is ended.. There is another kind of life that then set itself up, overlapping the old one, on another level...

     Members of the same family took shape in the heart of the block. They have so little room to share that they have to make compromises and agreements as they are taking shape.

     There have a rhythm that is already beating for them. So, they are there, squished together. They are different despite being members of the same species, two, three, four, or five, moving, taking turns, on the same wave length, really sticking together. Thus begins their journey towards the realization of a common dream  that brings them together, conditions and guides them.

      This very desire to expansion and to cohesion incites these characters  to set up a new way of being together. This requirement drives them from the start to be structured and then to correct themselves, to erode, so as to create the necessary links to thrive in a new harmony.

      There is no use to look for similarities. These are always accidental. We only have to notice how they are behaving, how they are acting, and where they came from, the road they took in order to get somewhere else far away.

      It always is actually a love story

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